Tattoo and Implant

Okay so, I am thinking of getting a tattoo and NFC implant. This is something I have been thinking about for a while but have got to a stage in my life where I feel comfortable openly talking about it and would like your feedback.

So the idea. Is basicly a url expressed as binary tattooed to my chest. Top left, think shirt pocket location. And underneath that having a NFC implant fitted. The url will link to a site, which with the login details that can be retrieved from the NFC implant which when accessed will allow access to a video which will essentially be my will.

So what will the tattoo look like? I have created a draft image here of two potatial ideas. I would need to find a REALLY good tattooist as accuracy would be critical with this. Especially if I use the QRcode.




The risks with the tattoo. Ideally I would have an IP address as opposed to a url but it is impossible to guarantee an IP address for any significant amount of time. And as tattoos are permanent. There will be no changing it once it’s done. I can purchase a .com url for 10year max. With the obvious option to renew it each 10years And have found a url that I am happy with. The risk with this is. Who knows what will happen to domains in 10years time. Will we still be using domains then? And the potential risks of not being able to renew in 10years time. The other risk as mentioned above is the talent and accuracy of the tattoo artist. The smallest mistake and nothing will work.
So, why an implant? I have considered this for years for all sorts of reasons. I can think of lots of different uses for lots of different NFC implants and people have had them before. wired article of someone with an NFC implant in hand. Also things like NFC door locks with the NFC “key” implanted into hand. Or maybe an oyster card implanted in your hand? Think Arthur Weasley in Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets. The possibilities are endless as to what I could have done.

There is a company that sells a complete kit that people have used to do this implant kit but from what I have seen people have only implanted this in their hand. Will the NFC work through chest as there is significantly more muscle and skin is thicker there. As the device is not medically tested there are very few people that are happy to insert it for you. Some piercing salons will but would need to find someone comfortable with doing it. Would having this put under the tattoo damage the tattoo?

So. Your thoughts please . . .